Conditions of Use

Users can download any e-book to read off-line. Basically if your off-line use is not commercial you can download our ebooks.

A typical MetaLibri ebook is made out of two parts: a public domain text and the digital edition of this public domain text, i.e., the ebook proper. MetaLibri ebooks, trademark and any editorial content are subject to use restrictions. The ebooks, that is, the digital objects which contain the text, can be freely downloaded from this web site:1 Although MetaLibri ebooks are free of charge, the use of any MetaLibri ebook is subject to the following restrictions:

  • the user can freely copy and reproduce the text of any ebook, but he must cite the source of the text — that is, the MetaLibri ebook from which the text was copied;
  • the user can download and reproduce the ebook using any material support, eletronic or printed, provided it is only for his own personal use;
  • the user should not use any Metalibri ebook for commercial purposes.

You must request a written permission if:

  • you are a teacher and want to use the book in class;
  • you wrote a thesis about the book and want to distribute the MetaLibri book along with your thesis;
  • you have a web site and want to distribute a MetaLibri ebook to your audience.

Users should not do any of the above things before they get a written permission.

If you want to charge money for the copies you distribute, you have to pay royalties to MetaLibri.

For additional contact information:
Sálvio Marcelo Soares
Chief Executive and Director

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