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Last additions

Date Title
31 Oct 2008 19:02 Manifest der Kommunistischen Partei
25 Oct 2008 04:20 Il Principe
24 Oct 2008 00:24 Three Lectures on the Rate of Wages
20 Oct 2008 04:21 Dom Casmurro
20 Oct 2008 00:13 The Wealth Of Nations
19 Oct 2008 03:56 Diálogo sobre a conversão do gentio
18 Oct 2008 02:36 Memórias de um sargento de milícias
16 Oct 2008 15:17 Du contrat social
09 Oct 2008 10:47 The Theory of Moral Sentiments
09 Oct 2008 03:00 Contos Fluminenses

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